Martin Sieweke works as a material researcher in Berlin.

He is interested in detaching context,

meaning, usage and finding new relations to space.

He is working collectively on set and costume projects.






                        2018  - 2019


Student at Hochschule Pforzheim Accessory Design


2018 - 2019


Technical class gold- and silversmith by Thomas Leicht (Dipl.- Des.)



2014 - 2017 


Student at JLU Gießen Literature Philosophy and Political Science












Mountain, Tree, Cloud and Tiger by Jee-Ae Lim (Sophiensaele 2019, Berlin) set-design with Jonas-Maria Droste


 In(visible)  by Jess Curtis/Gravity (Berlin, San Francisco, 2019) set design with Michiel keuper


Tanzkongress  (Hellerau, Dresden 2019) work on costume with Michiel Keuper and Sofie Durnez


Hyperbodies by bücking&kröger (Uferstudios Berlin, 2019) producing parts of the set


 Daniabunad a work by Dania Burger and Michiel Keuper  (Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg, Norway 2018) assisting Michiel Keuper


The Parts of the Belly  by Zoe Knights (Tanznacht Berlin, Uferstudios 2018) costume 


My Funny Valentine by Martin Nachbar (Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim 2018), assisting Michiel Keuper set and costume


Cranky Bodies Dance Reset by Peter Pleyer (Sophiensaele 2017, Berlin) assisting Michiel Keuper set and costume





FLUSH by Sheena McGrandles (Sophiensaele, Februar 2020) set/costume with Michiel Keuper


DIVE by Anna Konjetzky (Kammerspiele München, März 2020) costume with Michiel Keuper


New Rear by Mor Demer (Dock 11, April 2020) set/costume with Michiel Keuper