Martin Sieweke works as a material researcher in Berlin.

Deconstructing and collaging given shapes and matters to find new inherent dependencies and knitted structures of object and non-object relations has been a main focus in the past years.

The material’s basic features such as texture, weight or color have a strong impact on his artistic research.

He is working collectively on set and costume projects in the field of performance and dance

DIVE by Anna Konjetzky (Kammerspiele München autum 2021) costume with Michiel Keuper

NewREAR by Mor Demer (Dock 11 spring 2021) set/costume with Michiel Keuper


CRANKY BODIES DANCE RESET Wiederaufnahme 2021 Film release February 2021

SHOWDOWN by Judith Förster (Vierte Welt,  September 2020) costume with Judith Förster

CRANKY BODIES a/company by Michiel Keuper and Peter Pleyer (DOCK 11, August 2020) performance, transitional sculptures with Michiel Keuper. 

FLUSH by Sheena McGrandles (Sophiensaele, Februar 2020) set/costume with Michiel Keuper

Mountain, Tree, Cloud and Tiger by Jee-Ae Lim (Sophiensaele 2019, Berlin) set-design with Jonas-Maria Droste

In(visible) by Jess Curtis/Gravity (Uferstudios, CounterPulse 2019 Berlin, San Francisco) set-design, costume with Michiel Keuper

Tanzkongress (Hellerau, Dresden 2019) costume with Michiel Keuper and Sofie Durnez

Hyperbodies by bücking&kröger (Uferstudios, Berlin 2019) producing parts of the set 

The Parts of the Belly by Zoe Knights (Uferstudios, Berlin 2018) costume 

My Funny Valentine by Martin Nachbar (Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim 2018) set and costume assisting Michiel Keuper

Cranky Bodies Dance Reset by Peter Pleyer (Sophiensaele, Berlin 2017) set and costume assisting Michiel Keuper



IMPRESSUM Martin Sieweke, Reichenberger Str. 61, 10999 Berlin